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It’s no surprise that the demand for electricity has grown over the last several years. But the increase in power consumption also means an increased need for electricians to help keep your system running smoothly. When you’re looking for an electrician in Chastain Park, your first call should be to Aardvark Electric, Inc.

Our fully trained electricians have been serving the Chastain Park area since 2012. During that time, Aardvark Electric, Inc. has developed a reputation for high-quality workmanship and the highest standards of customer service. And with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that we stand behind our work.

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Our Electrical Repair Services

When something in your electrical system malfunctions, it can cause you all kinds of problems. That’s why the team at Aardvark Electric, Inc. not only fixes the surface problems, they dig deeper to make sure there are no underlying issues. Here are just a few of the repair services we offer.

Electrical Panels

Because most homes in Chastain Park were built more than 20 years ago, there’s a good chance that your electrical panel needs to be upgraded to handle the increased power demands of modern life. Here are some of the more common signs your panel may need replaced:

  • Visible damage or corrosion on your electrical panel
  • Odd sounds, like clicking or hissing
  • A mix of different types of breakers in your panel
  • Frequently tripping breakers
  • Strange smells coming from your panel, like rotten eggs or burning plastic
  • Your home still has a fuse box

If you recognize any of these signs, contact Aardvark Electrical, Inc. to start discussing options for upgrading your home’s electrical system.

Power Meters

Although Georgia Power is responsible for maintaining the power meters and supply lines for residents in Chastain Park, the rest of the electrical system is the responsibility of the homeowner. That’s why it’s important to have an electrician take a look at your meter if you suspect something might be wrong in order to prevent serious damage. Our technicians will examine the equipment, repairing anything that is the homeowner’s responsibility, and referring other damage to the power company.

Underground Wiring

When an underground cable is damaged, our electricians can locate the damaged section of wiring using 3M Dynatel technology. Once they’ve found the problem, they can repair the damage for good using a permanent cable splice, saving you the money—and the hassle—of replacing the entire cable.


Malfunctioning switches and outlets are the most common reason homeowners require electricians. Rather than simply fixing the issue, our technicians will make sure there isn’t an underlying problem that caused the initial malfunction. That way, you can rest easy knowing the problem won’t keep happening.

You can also discuss adding additional switches and outlets with our experts. In some cases, adding an extra switch or outlet in your home can make your life much easier. This is especially the case if you have multiple extension cords plugged into a single outlet. Adding an outlet can help spread out that power distribution, which will make your home safer.

Our Electrical Installation Services

Our electricians have installed electric fixtures and components in homes throughout Chastain Park. Contact us if you’re interested in any of the following services:

Ceiling Fans

Let’s face it: summers in Chastain Park can be hot! When you install ceiling fans in your home, you can keep cool without making a big impact on your utility bills. Our experts will help you choose the right ceiling fan for your space, making sure it fits in with your home’s overall look.

Charging Stations

Electric vehicles aren’t the future—they’re the present. Electric vehicle charging stations are appearing in more and more residential areas. If you’re interested in installing a charging station at your home, contact the experts at Aardvark Electric, Inc, and we’ll make sure you choose a charging station that will meet your needs for the long haul.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Our team loves creating unique and interesting lighting designs for homes in our community. If you’re considering updating the lighting in your home, you should consider working with our experts to help design the perfect system.

After an initial consultation, our team will create an individualized lighting design for your space. With your final approval, our electricians will install your new lighting system quickly and efficiently, creating the perfect lighting for your home.

Outdoors, our lighting systems focus on keeping you safe and secure. We’ll make sure you have enough illumination to feel safe getting in and out of your home. We can also install floodlights and motion detectors to increase your home’s security. And with long-lasting LED lights, you won’t have to spend time changing burnt-out bulbs.

Safety Services

Aardvark Electric, Inc. cares about the safety of your home and family. We can install and maintain your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and we’ll also install whole-home surge protection to keep your home safe. Most importantly, we offer home electrical safety inspections, to make sure your home’s electrical system is as safe as possible.

Local and Family-Owned

Aardvark Electric, Inc. has been developing a reputation for excellence and customer service in Chastain Park since 2012. Contact us today to set up a consultation today!

For the best electrical services in Atlanta, call our skilled electricians today! Dial (404) 882-9917 or reach out online to schedule an appointment.

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