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  • Circuit Breakers & Fuse Boxes


  • Circuit Breakers and Fuse Boxes


    Your circuit breaker or fuse box, also known as the service panel or electric box, is meant to interrupt electricity upon detection of a fault condition, such as a circuit overload, short circuit, or ground fault. Inside the metal box contains all of the breakers or fuses for your home.


    The electrical panel controls all the electricity entering the home. If it’s not working, you could be at serious risk of frying electrical equipment, electrical arcing, shocks, and fires. Panels are meant to last a long time, but it’s important to have a professional electrician keep a tab on its condition.


    Electrical Panel Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement


    As the main part of your electrical system, the condition of your electrical panel is most important. Never ignore signs of a constantly overloaded circuit or anything unusual about your electrical panel.


    Contact a certified electrician as soon as you notice any of these panel repair replacement warning signs:


    • It is a Zinsco or Federal Pacific (FPE) panel (replace immediately!)
    • It is older than 15 years
    • There is visible damage or corrosion on the panel or cover
    • Multiple brands and types of breakers or fuses are installed
    • Breakers/fuses trip or blow often
    • Burning smell coming from breaker box or switches/outlets
    • Signs of rust or melting
    • Strange sounds, like hissing
    • Frequent power surges or flickering lights
    • General electrical problems



    Fuse boxes normally indicate a panel that is over 15 years old. If you have an older home that uses fuses instead of breakers, speak with a professional electrician about replacing it with a breaker panel.


    Additionally, make sure you schedule an electrical safety inspection from a qualified electrician every year to avert problems and ensure a safe and efficient system.


    Expert Atlanta Circuit Breaker and Fuse Box Service


    Gain peace of mind with expert electrical panel repairs and replacements from Aardvark Electric. We have been serving the Atlanta, GA area for decades and have the expertise and experience necessary to perform timely circuit breaker and fuse box repairs for your home or business.


    For friendly and professional electrical safety inspections, contact the licensed and insured electricians at Aardvark Electric. As with all of our services, we guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back.


    For All Your Electrical Needs, Call Aardvark Electric!