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  • Electrical Repairs & Upgrades


  • Electrical Service Repairs and Upgrades

    Get your electrical project completed on time with no surprises. At Aardvark Electric, our highly trained electricians are determined to solve all of your electrical needs with upfront pricing and quick, clean, and customized service.

    If you’re looking for the right team of professional electricians to handle your next residential or commercial electrical project, Aardvark Electric is the most trusted company in Atlanta. We always arrive on time in a fully stocked vehicle for efficient service with great results.

    Electrical Service Upgrade

    The homebuilders of the past did not anticipate all of the power demands of our modern society. In the past, homes were outfitted with 60-amp circuits. Today, homes are powered by as many as 200 amps. If you are experiencing frequently tripping breakers and need more power, you may need to upgrade your existing electrical panel with a larger-amp panel.
    If the electrical system is old, you may also need to upgrade the wiring. Contact the highly trained experts at Aardvark Electrical to handle all of your wiring, service panels, backup generators, and other electrical components.

    Electrical Upgrades for Aesthetics and Convenience

    Make your home or business even more enjoyable with electrical upgrades, such as:

    • Dimmer switches
    • Surge protection
    • Smart home devices
    • LED lighting
    • Home Automation
    • Indoor and outdoor lighting
    • And more!

    Whether you need to add or remove an outlet, troubleshoot faulty switches, or make sure home appliances function safely and efficiently, Aardvark Electric has you covered with licensed and insured electricians and a 100% money-back guarantee.

    Professional Electrical Repairs for Safety and Savings

    Think of us as your one-stop shop for all things electrical. We can help you select from a wide variety of electrical products that are designed to improve energy efficiency and increase safety. With professional repairs and upgrades, your new lights, appliances, or wiring will provide years of reliable service.

    Our highly trained and experienced technicians can handle all your electrical repairs, including:

    • Wiring and rewiring
    • Outlets, switches, and fixtures
    • Indoor and outdoor lighting
    • Circuit breakers and fuses
    • Panels and subpanels
    • Electrical meters
    • Renovations and additions
    • Low-voltage systems

    In addition to skilled electrical work, we prepare and maintain a variety of forms, keep everything clean and safe, and perform other duties as needed. For more information on electrical repairs and upgrades, contact us online or call us at (404) 806-6851.

    For All Your Electrical Needs, Call Aardvark Electric!