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  • Electrical Safety Inspections


  • The Leading Experts on Electrical Safety Inspections


    Electricity is very dangerous and electrical codes can change often, which is why it’s so important to schedule regular electrical safety inspections. Let Aardvark Electric conduct regular electrical safety inspections for your Atlanta home or business.


    Our expert electricians will check your entire electrical system to make sure it is running at maximum safety and efficiency. Potential problems will be identified before they cause any damage.


    Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist


    • Service panel problems
    • Exposed wiring, fraying, splices, and unsafe connections
    • GFCI and AFCI testing and repair
    • Proper placement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Appliance safety, including water heater, washer/dryer, and HVAC system
    • Grounding system


    All of our electrical repairs comply with current electrical code requirements. If a permit is required, we will take care of all the fees and paperwork.


    For friendly and professional electrical safety inspections, contact the licensed and insured electricians at Aardvark Electric. As with all of our services, we guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back.


    For All Your Electrical Needs, Call Aardvark Electric!