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It’s hard to imagine life without electricity in our modern homes. When power is disrupted, outlets quit working, and lights start to flicker, these inconveniences can turn into electrical headaches if not addressed right away.

The professionally trained electricians at Aardvark Electric are ready to assist with any of your electrical needs, whether you require an emergency repair or want professional help with a planned upgrade. You can trust our trained and certified experts to deliver high-quality service no matter the nature of your call, with straightforward pricing in writing before any work begins and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Learn more about our services in Atlanta below.

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Electrical Repairs and Upgrades

Are you finally ready to repair that one annoying electrical issue in your home that you have put up with for far too long? Perhaps you are getting ready to upgrade your space and want to install new lights or new fans. Aardvark electricians are trained to handle the simplest of upgrades to the most complicated of repairs. Call our professionals today to start enjoying new and improved electric services as soon as possible.


From single breaker repairs to complete panel replacements, our electricians can do it all. If you have been experiencing issues with your panel, don’t wait to have it professionally inspected and repaired. Older panels can wear out over time and maybe overdue for an upgrade to meet the modern electrical demands of your household. Our experts can confirm if your panel is compatible with your electronics, appliances, and other devices before showing you higher capacity models to fit your needs.

Lighting and Fans

Lighting is one of the most common electrical upgrades homeowners choose to have done in their homes. These upgrades can enhance a house, save money, and are more energy-efficient. Before wasting money on a fancy upgrade, call our professionals to ensure your home will work with any new fixtures you want to install.

Our electricians can also help you properly install new lighting in and around your home for a polished look. Track lighting, sconce lighting, recessed lighting, chandeliers, lights on high ceilings, outdoor lighting, and security lighting are all possible to include in your home renovation designs with Aardvark Electric.

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicles are not just the next big thing, Tesla Electric Chargerbut they are quickly becoming the standard for cars of the future. Get your home ready with an electric vehicle charger installation today. Whether you plan to upgrade your vehicle soon, want to make your home more marketable to the next buyers, or provide a charging service at your business, an electric car charging port is a must-have. Ask us about our different options and meet installation compliance with professional and reliable service from a Tesla Certified Installer.

Emergency Repairs and Same Day Service

Electrical issues can be scary and dangerous for the average person to handle on their own. Sparks, burns, fires, odd smells, dimming lights, and buzzing sounds are all cause for concern and should be addressed by a professional electrician right away. If you don’t feel safe using your electricity, then don’t risk it. Many times Aardvark can offer same-day service on a variety of electrical repairs and emergencies.

Did your electric sustain damage from a fallen tree in the last big storm?  Our professionals can come to fix your meter box, weather head, panel, wiring, ground wires, and dead outlets to get your home back up and running again. Aardvark understands the stress of going a night without electricity and can have a generator running and your electricity restored.

Meter Work

Although the meter itself belongs to the electrical company, the meter socket and the rest of the electrical service are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you suspect something is wrong with your meter or electrical service call Aardvark to come to diagnose your meter for you.

In some cases, your meter sockets may start to wear out and become overheated. You may have even received a letter from the power company making you aware that your meter socket is overheating and you must have it repaired. An overheated or burnt meter socket can cause your power to go out and damage your electronics, and while unlikely, this has the potential to be dangerous and risk for an electrical fire. If your lights dim or flicker often when your large appliances are running, have one of our professional Atlanta electricians come safely test and repair or replace your meter sockets.

Electrical Safety Products and Services

The best way to prevent electrical disasters is to have your electricity regularly tested and to install electrical safety features throughout your home. Stay up-to-date with the latest electrical codes, proper power supply, and backup electricity solutions with the following offerings from Aardvark Electric. Fire Guard circuit breakers  (or AFCI circuit breakers) look for signs of sparking in your electrical system which may cause an electrical fire. GFCI protection prevents electrical shocks and is required in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor outlets, and all other outlets within 6 feet of a water source.

Surge Protection

Anything from a massive thunderstorm to running several appliances at once can cause a power surge in your home. If the surge is too big, it can end up frying your electronics and anything else plugged into the walls at the time. Even small surges can cause extensive damage over time. Many older homes do not have grounded outlets, making a whole home surge protector even more prudent.

You can protect your home and belongings from irreparable damage with a whole-home surge protector. Aardvark can expertly install this device at your panel or meter to protect your whole home from the destructive effects of excess voltage running through your wires. With this device, the surge won’t ever reach your outlets and cause harm.

If your home isn’t already equipped with surge protection, we recommend calling about surge protector installation sooner rather than later. Don’t wait until a major event to guard your expensive appliances, equipment, and devices against the next power surge.

Smoke and CO Detectors

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can save your life if they are properly installed and maintained. Smoke detectors have an average life span of 7-10 years, and as they age and start to look yellowed, that is a sign they probably need to be replaced. Don’t risk catastrophe with shoddy workmanship or outdated devices. Contact the professionals at Aardvark for dependable installation and maintenance on your smoke and CO detectors. We install smoke and CO detectors that have a sealed battery that lasts the lifespan of the detector so never require a battery change for the life of the detector either!

Do you not have one in every bedroom, bedroom hallway, and at least on every floor? Are your smoke and CO detectors interconnected(all go off at the same time)? Do you have one that is in disrepair? We can fix or replace those too! Ask us today about upgraded devices such as multi-sensing devices, wireless monitors, and interconnected systems.

Backup Generators

In Atlanta, having a backup power source is a great backup plan for many homes and businesses. Adverse weather events can leave Atlanta residents without power for days. Keep the essentials of your business going and protect your comfortability at home with backup generator options from Aardvark Electric. Our experts specialize in Briggs & Straton models and can walk you through the choices to find the best fit for your needs, help you select the proper size, and then professionally install it so you know that it will work when you need it most and be guaranteed to power your whole home when you need it most.

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