Whole House Surge Protection Installation

Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Have you ever had to replace an electrical device or appliance because a voltage spike or power surge damaged it? This replacement can be a costly inconvenience, but the good news is that it’s avoidable in the future. Whole house surge protection acts as a defense against voltage spikes, protecting your home’s electrical devices from damage.

Aardvark Electric provides whole house surge protector installation to homes throughout the Atlanta area. We can offer a brand-new surge protector to keep your home’s electrical appliances safe from damage with our team of electrical experts. Read on to learn more about our surge protection services.

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What is a Whole House Surge Protector?

The average home in the U.S. faces more than five electrical surges per day. These surges can come from power grid switching, lightning strikes, or when large appliances like HVAC units switch on and off. 

Large power surges can do immediate damage to your home’s electrical appliances, while small surges can do cumulative damage over time. Whole-home surge protection provides a simple solution to this ongoing problem.

A whole house surge protector limits excessive voltage spikes, protecting your appliances from electrical damage. Having surge protection in your home can reduce the chances of having to replace HVAC units, televisions, computers, and other electronics because of power surge damage.

The Benefits of Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Having a whole house surge protector installed in your home provides several benefits for your house and the electrical appliances it contains:


One of the biggest benefits of getting a whole house surge protection installation is that it is cost-effective. Having a single house-wide surge protector installed is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to the price of using individual surge protectors for each outlet. 

Surge protectors are also significantly cheaper than the cost of replacing your electrical appliances.

Simple Repair or Replacement

A great thing about surge protectors is that they are easy to repair or replace if necessary. The team at Aardvark Electric, Inc. is well-versed in whole house surge protector repairs. When your surge protector isn’t working properly, we’ll send an electrician out to your home to figure out what’s gone wrong and fix it promptly. 

We also provide surge protector replacement services. Replacing whole house surge protectors is a very quick and simple process that hardly takes any time for our team of professionals.

Low Maintenance Costs

Since your surge protector will prevent appliances like your HVAC system from having frequent electrical issues, you’ll save money on maintenance costs. Whole house surge protection limits excessive voltage, protecting these appliances and reducing the likelihood of electrical problems that need repair services.

Surge Protector vs. Power Strip

One common misconception about surge protectors is that they are the same as the small power strips you plug into your electrical outlets. While the two may have similarities, they serve entirely different purposes. Power strips are intended to provide additional outlet spaces when you do not have enough electrical outlets throughout your home for various electronics. 

The purpose of a surge protector is to defend your electrical appliances from voltage spikes that can cause damage. When it comes to a surge protector vs. power strips, power strips tend to cost less, but they do not provide the same level of protection for your electronics. 

It’s important to note that if your house has ungrounded outlets, surge protector strips won’t work, but a whole home surge protector can work in this case.  For surge protectors to function properly, your home needs proper grounding and bonding.

Service Entrance Surge Protection

When you choose Aardvark Electric, Inc. for your whole house surge protector installation, we’ll install a service entrance protection solution in your main electrical panel or at the base of your electric meter. This device will provide surge protection for your entire electrical system.

Whole House Surge Protector Installation in Atlanta

Are you looking to have a whole house surge protector installed in your home? Look no further than Aardvark Electric, Inc. We provide whole house surge protector installation to homes throughout the Atlanta area and surrounding areas. Our electricians are industry experts who can provide your home with the perfect surge protector to keep all of your electrical appliances working for years to come.

The team at Aardvark Electric, Inc. is committed to top-quality work and exceptional customer service. The satisfaction of our clients is our biggest priority, which is why we treat every home as if it were our own. 

Aardvark Electric, Inc. professionals go above and beyond to ensure that your home gets what it needs and that you’re a happy homeowner when we leave! To have a whole house surge protector installed in your home, call (404) 596-4722 for an appointment.

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