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Electrical Services in Marietta, GA

Electrical Installation

If you are starting from scratch with a new building, you likely need a company to take care of your electrical installation needs. No job is too big or too small. At Aardvark Electric, we know the ins and outs of electrical installation in Marietta. When you choose us to install all your major electrical systems, you know that you’re getting the job done properly. From an electrical panel replacement or installation to a whole house surge protector installation, we cover the full spectrum. Nothing will slip past our qualified electricians in Marietta.

Contact us online or give us a call at (404) 806-6851 to schedule an appointment with one of our electricians for electrical installation and electrical repairs in Marietta.

Electrical Repair in Marietta

When something is not working as it should in your home, it won’t be long until it’s fixed with Aardvark Electric. If:

  • Your circuit breaker has been tripping more often lately 
  • You notice strange noises around your outlets
  • Your appliances are not working as they should

This means your home has electrical faults. Some of these problems can have potentially hazardous consequences. Take care of your electrical system and call us for reliable electrical repair in Marietta, no matter what it is. If there’s electricity running through it, we can fix it. If electricity should be running through it, but it’s not, we will make sure it does!

Electrical Wiring & Rewiring

If it has been some time since your last electrical inspection, now may be the time to schedule one. It’s possible that your home needs to be rewired. The only way that you can find out for sure is if you schedule an electrical safety inspection. Faulty wiring can be dangerous and needs to be dealt with immediately. Damaged wires can lead to fires and electrocutions. If your home still has old knob-and-tube wiring, it needs to be upgraded according to modern electrical safety standards. Keep your family safe today by scheduling an appointment for electrical wiring & rewiring. We are also proud to offer underground wire repair services!

Outlet & Switch Installation

In this modern world that we live in, there never seems to be enough outlets in our home with all the devices we have to plug in and charge. Most older homes are just not equipped for it. Instead of overloading your outlets, why not install some new ones? Not only will this make your home neater, but it will also ease the strain on your existing outlets. Have power whenever you need it in your home with our reliable electrical outlet & switch installation services. Homes located around water might be better served with a GFCI outlet installation service. These unique outlets help monitor the electrical currents that pass through a circuit and cut off electricity from going where it shouldn’t, keeping you and your family safe. Contact us today to learn more about the GFCI outlet installation process.

Lighting Installation & Repair

Are you flicking switches without results? If you’re replacing light bulbs too often, there may be something wrong with your lighting. We are proud to offer reliable lighting installation & repair services. Whether it’s indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, there’s nothing that we can’t do. From LEDs to chandeliers, if it lights up, we can fix it. We can provide lighting as functional as security lighting or as stylish as ambient lighting. The sky is the limit. You can turn your home into your own wonderland. Our lighting and light fixture installation services include:

Need to schedule an appointment for electrical troubleshooting or are looking for an emergency electrician in Marietta, GA? Give us a call at (404) 806-6851.

EV Charger Installation in Marietta

More and more people are opting for an electrical vehicle, and with that choice comes the need for an electric car charger installation service. This is an eco-friendly and smart choice that we support very much. With that being said, we are glad to offer EV charger installation in Marietta. You can say goodbye to the days of using public charging stations and enjoy the comfort of charging your electric vehicle in your own home. Our electricians are thorough, and they will ensure that your home has the capacity to install an electric vehicle charger.

Electrical Inspections

If you are about to buy a new home, you should know every little detail about the property. One important aspect is the condition of the electrical systems. When you schedule an electrical safety inspection, you can be sure that you will know all the details of your new home’s electrics. 

Our electricians in Marietta will test every outlet and switch, as well as your electric panel and wiring to assess whether or not you need an electrical panel replacement or rewiring services. We leave no stone unturned!

When Should You Call a Professional?

When it comes to safety inspections and electrical compliance, we recommend calling a licensed electrical contractor to take care of it. When it comes to your electrics, only trained hands should welcome them. Working with electricity can be dangerous, but our expert team has years of experience. You can trust them with your electrical repairs, installations, replacements, and upgrades.

Electrical Services in Marietta That You Can Count On!

It can be tough to find a trustworthy electrician in Marietta, GA. After all, you’re leaving the fate of your family’s safety in the hands of a stranger. If you have had bad experiences with electricians in the past, you know this well. We are here to let you know that you have found the reliable and trustworthy electrician that you’ve been searching for. We even offer after-hours emergency electrical services that help give you peace of mind. Let us be your go-to emergency electrician!

As a family-owned business, we take pride in our work. At Aardvark Electric, it’s our goal to ensure that you and your family are 100% satisfied with our electrical service. Our team is qualified and respectful of your home. They will take good care of your home’s electrics. If you are looking for comprehensive electrical services, you have come to the right place.

For more information on our variety of electrical services in Marietta, or to schedule an appointment for service, contact us online or give us a call at (404) 806-6851.

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