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Atlanta Overheating Meter Socket Repair Services

Finding & Fixing “Hot Sockets” Before They Cause Real Damage

An overheating meter socket, also referred to as a “hot socket,” is one of the most dangerous things we can find when testing meters. Hot sockets can cause numerous safety hazards, the most serious of which are electrical fires, which could often be avoided by taking a little extra time and care to find and address these issues. At Aardvark Electric, Inc., we have extensive experience in handling overheated meter socket repairs in Atlanta and beyond.

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What Is a Hot Socket?

When there are loose connections in the meter socket, the poorly channeled electricity can cause the meter to overheat. The longer these overheating meter sockets are left untreated, the greater the danger becomes. Indeed, these problems are the cause of as many as 1,000 electrical fires every year. The good news is, hazards like these can be avoided by ensuring you bring in expert professionals to perform proper meter testing using the correct equipment.

Some of the most common causes of hot sockets include:

  • Loose connections: This can happen as a result of improper installation or over time due to wear and tear. When the connection is not tightened properly, the resulting micro-arcs cause it to overheat.

  • Wear and tear on the terminal: In a majority of meter bases, spring-loaded jaws are used to hold the meter in place. The more the meter is removed and replaced, the springs grow slack and the same micro-arcs are liable to occur.

  • Temperature fluctuations: When the meter housing expands and contracts with the weather, it can cause the jaws to lose tension and result in a loose connection.

Identifying Overheated Meter Sockets

Homeowners experiencing this problem often report that their lights have begun to flicker or dim on a regular basis. However, rather than attempting to confirm this diagnosis on your own, it is strongly recommended that you bring in a team of experts who are trained to safely deal with electrical systems.

A qualified professional may look for the following signs of damage:

  • Damage to the jaws, which may include discoloration, pitting, or poor tension on the spring

  • Melted wires

  • Discolored meter blades

  • Energy meter registering an above-average output

Offering Safety & Peace of Mind

If you are concerned about the safety of your meter, getting routine testing and maintenance from our skilled team is the best way to go. At Aardvark Electric, Inc., we strive constantly to offer the highest quality customer service and workmanship available anywhere.


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Carolyn Dingman
October 13, 2022.
Remus and Blake installed a light and fan and fixed a breaker. They showed up right on time and did a great job.
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October 12, 2022.
We are just paying for estimates at this time. Thanks to Manny and Blake for their service in explaining everything.
October 7, 2022.
Great work
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October 6, 2022.
Great! Professional! Clean and nice and I would highly recommend (and I’m picky)
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October 4, 2022.
Elie helped us diagnose an issue we were having with our generator during a major hurricane. He was very patient with us over the phone during this trying time. He listed, in layman’s terms, possible fixes and helped us every step of the way until we were able to solve the issue. This man helped us out even though he did not have to. Literally a lifesaver. Hats off to this wonderful gentleman.
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October 4, 2022.
Blake and Remis explained things thoroughly. They wore foot coverings and were professional.
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September 23, 2022.
We used Aardvark for some fairly major external and internal repairs, including a panel update. Throughout the process, which required multiple visits, we were very pleased with the communication, skill, and professionalism of our technicians, Remus, Elie, and Blake, as well as Kristin in the office, who was very friendly and communicative from start to finish. Thank you for helping us through this big project!
Eric Lippert
September 15, 2022.
The company in general was very responsive, we had some small connection issues after the first day of work and they found a way to get a technician back out quickly. Remus was extremely professional and informative, he answered all of my questions, walked me through the work that was being done, and got the work done quite quickly!
Ryan Slack
September 14, 2022.
Tony and Blake did a great job.

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