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Electrical Services in Chattahoochee Plantation, GA

Chattahoochee Plantation is more than just a fun thing to say. It’s a community, and one that relies heavily on access to useful electrical power. Enter an average home in the area, and you’ll find that they’re operating a very sophisticated electrical system. 

To keep these systems running smoothly, homes in this part of Georgia should have an electrician they can trust for all kinds of electrical repairs and services. 

Electrical troubleshooting on your own for something that may seem simple can be dangerous, and potentially cause a lot of damage. It’s much better to rely on a team of professionals like the ones at Aardvark Electric. We’re here to tend to your power needs and brighten your day!

Call our Chattahoochee Plantation electricians at (404) 383-6869 to schedule your electrical appointment today.

Emergency Electrician Services

In many cases, when something goes wrong with your electrical system, it’s a problem that can’t wait. You may notice: 

  • A burnt plastic smell around your electrical equipment
  • Fire damage on outlets and switches
  • Visible sparks
  • Live wires that shock you or your pets
  • Audible popping or buzzing sounds

These are all major red flags that require prompt and professional service, which is why Aardvark Electric offers after-hours emergency services across Chattahoochee Plantation, GA. 

When things go wrong, you can call right away, and we can send a member of our team to put your home’s power back in your hands.

Safety Electrical Installations 

If you’re looking to increase the level of safety precautions in your Chattahoochee Plantation, GA, home, we can help you with various installations specifically tailored to that goal. 

Some services we offer, like GFCI outlet installation, may already be required. Building codes specify that all homes use these outlets outdoors or in areas with excess dampness like bathrooms or kitchens. 

We can also protect your home and its contents with:

These are all things that you need to monitor and maintain to make sure they can do the most for your household. 

Some maintenance you can perform yourself, like testing your smoke detector or GFCI outlet monthly. But devices like your home generator need to be inspected once or twice a year by trained technicians, like those on the staff at Aardvark Electric.

If you’re willing to make the effort of taking care of investments like these, you can reap the benefits of added security for your home and your family.

Efficiency Installations

We also specialize in installations that can increase the functionality of your home throughout the year. Our efficiency installations won’t just save you money, but they’ll also add to your property’s overall value should you decide to put your home on the market in the future. 

The most basic of these additions is our light fixture installation, which you can use to draw a focal point in your interior design or add extra light where you need it most. You don’t need to know what kind of lights you want⁠—just tell us your goals, and we can give you the options to make them a reality.

A ceiling fan installation is an evergreen addition to any home in Chattahoochee Plantation, GA. In the warmer season, you can spin it one way to help distribute the air from your AC, which takes some weight off the unit. 

Then, when the weather turns frigid, you can reverse its direction to push warm air that accumulates up high down into the rest of the room.

Aardvark Electric is also Tesla-certified, so we’re qualified in a range of electric car charger installation. We know what needs our attention, and we can guide you through the whole process of making your home electric car ready.

Your Trusted Local Electrician in Chattahoochee Plantation

Aardvark Electric switched on its lights in 2012, but it was born from generations of Georgia-based electricians. 

Sure, we have trade experience, but the local spirit in our hearts separates us from other companies. Every homeowner’s comfort in Chattahoochee Plantation, GA, is important to Aardvark because the people who live here are our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every job we do, and we’ve created many financing options that can make vital electrical services accessible to everyone. 

So don’t look too far for quality electrical work in Georgia when Aardvark Electric is right in your backyard and ready to take your call. Contact us now for routine or emergency work. 

For the best electrical services in Chattahoochee Plantation, call our skilled electricians today! Dial (404) 383-6869 or reach out online to schedule an appointment.

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