Arc Fault Breaker Services

Arc Fault Breaker Services in Atlanta, GA

Your home in Atlanta, GA has a hidden maze and network of electrical wiring and devices that are hidden within your drywall, throughout the ceilings, and even underneath your floors. This allows you to use your daily devices, outlets, and appliances with little thought to how they’re getting their power. At Aardvark Electric, we know your home’s electrical systems like the back of our hands. We provide you with quality services such as arc fault breaker services in Atlanta that can help keep your home safe and efficient.

When it comes to the safety and security of your home’s electrical systems, arc fault circuit breakers can help protect you from potentially serious fire hazards. Arc fault circuit interrupters help keep your system tight and secure, preventing unwanted arcs within your home’s electrical system and devices. When you have an arc fault breaker tripping constantly, it’s time to call in the professionals at Aardvark Electric so that we can help assess and diagnose your electrical system for any problems.

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What is an Arc Fault Breaker?

An arc fault circuit interrupter, also known as AFCI or arc fault breaker, is a circuit breaker that helps protect your home’s electrical devices and services from sudden electrical arcs. These AFCI breakers detect sudden electrical arcs and then immediately break the active circuit so that your home remains safe from things such as loose electrical connections.

Quality Arc Fault Breaker Services in Atlanta

When you need quality arc fault breaker services in Atlanta, no one does it better than the certified electricians at Aardvark Electric. Our team members are highly trained and highly skilled to deliver quality service to you. Having the right tools, knowledge, and experience to help make your home safe and reliable when it comes to electrical systems and arc fault circuit interrupter services anywhere throughout Atlanta, GA.

AFCI Installation in Atlanta

With professional AFCI installation in Atlanta, our certified electricians can help secure your home’s electrical system so that it remains safe. Arc fault circuit interrupters are an essential part when it comes to the safety of your home and its electrical systems and devices. That’s why we always deliver professional AFCI installation services in Atlanta that you can rely on to keep your home safe from sudden electrical arcs.

Knowing where AFCI breakers are required to be installed helps ensure that your home is up to code, safe, and operating smoothly when it comes to your electrical system and services. AFCI breakers are required on all 15 and 20 amp branch circuits that provide power to outlets as well as the following areas throughout your Atlanta, GA home.

  • Family rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Living rooms
  • Parlors & dens
  • Bedrooms
  • Closets
  • Hallways
  • Sun rooms
  • Recreation rooms

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AFCI Fault Protection

With our arc fault breaker services in Atlanta, you can help keep your home safe from unexpected electrical arcs that can become potentially hazardous. AFCI fault protection intervenes when electrical arcs occur, breaking the circuit and cutting the power so that the risk of fire is minimized. Aardvark Electric electricians understand how important it is for you and your home to have dependable arc protection, and that’s why we provide only the highest quality of professional AFCI installation in Atlanta.

Why is Your Arc Fault Breaker Tripping?

While there can be a variety of reasons why your arc fault breaker is tripping, some of the most common include improperly installed wiring and faulty or incompatible devices. Requiring special wiring, arc fault circuit breakers, and arc fault circuit interrupters should be installed by a certified electrician so that you get the proper wiring needed. Incompatible or faulty devices can cause the circuit to overload, causing sparks or tripped breakers as well. 

By ensuring that your devices are compatible with the electrical systems within your home and that your arc fault breakers are professionally installed, you can help reduce the risk of electrical fire and minimize your arc fault breaker tripping.

Causes of an Arc Fault

When you experience arc faults, odds are that you have loose wiring or corroded connections. Loose wiring along with corroded wires and connections can cause your electricity to arc causing sparking, which may lead to more heat, posing an electrical fire risk. This can be a precursor for a short circuit or a problem with the ground wire, which should be serviced by a licensed and professional electrician.

Atlanta’s Trusted Arc Fault Breaker Services

Here at Aardvark Electric, we always put your safety and satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. It’s our goal to make sure that your home has the right electrical systems, devices, and power it needs to maintain its efficiency safely. Making it a smoothly operating and safe place where you can relax with the dependable power you need to enjoy all of the modern-day comforts that technology offers.

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