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How To Prepare Your Home For An Electrical Power Outage

No matter where you live, you’ll probably experience a power outage at some point. All of the electronics within your home will stop working, and you’ll be left without the modern-day conveniences that you typically rely on. You can make life a little easier when...

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Homeowners in Atlanta, GA, are always looking for ways to save a little money wherever they can. If you’re in the same boat, we’ve compiled some tried and true ways to save money on your electric bill. You can even start using some of these ideas right now! 1. Budget...

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The Most Common Home Electrical Issues

Your home’s electrical system is a complex thing that requires upkeep and updates to stay in working order. Whether through neglect, accidents, or just regular wear and tear, it can develop issues over time. Below are some of the most common home electrical issues you...

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What Are GFCI Outlets? Why Are They Important?

Since their creation in the ’70s, ground fault circuit interrupters also known as GFCI outlets have helped keep homeowners safe from sudden electrical accidents and surges throughout their homes. GFCI outlets have since been required in certain areas around homes,...

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5 Signs It’s Time for Electrical Panel Replacement

The electrical panel is the heartbeat of the modern home. This modest-looking component is responsible for channeling and sending electricity to different rooms and devices in one's house. It is the electrical safety center of your house responsible for keeping your...

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An Electrician’s Guide to Smoke Detector Installation

The smoke detector has been a tool for American home safety for 50 years. The first smoke detectors were powered by 9-volt batteries and cost around $125 each (which was a lot in 1970). As technology became more functional and less expensive, both the range of...

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Common Electrical Problems That May Require Troubleshooting

Electricity is a serious business. When something goes wrong with one's home electric service, some homeowners may feel tempted to save themselves a few dollars and attempt to fix the issues themselves, but that could be a costly and dangerous mistake. Even the most...

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