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How To Prepare Your Home For An Electrical Power Outage

Jun 22, 2022

No matter where you live, you’ll probably experience a power outage at some point. All of the electronics within your home will stop working, and you’ll be left without the modern-day conveniences that you typically rely on. You can make life a little easier when dealing with a power outage when you take the time to prepare for a power outage. Being prepared ahead of time helps make dealing with power outages easier, less stressful, and in some cases might even be a little relaxing.

At Aardvark Electric, we have some tips, tricks, and advice that can help you prepare for a power outage regardless of where you live. When dealing with power outages, you never know how long you and your home may be without power. It could be an hour, up to a day or more, so having the proper preparations ahead of time can be crucial and in extreme cases even life-saving.

Are You Prepared For A Power Outage?

Power outages affect your home by cutting off all of your electronics and other devices and appliances that rely on electricity to operate. Things such as your heater, AC, refrigerator, and outlets will all stop working. Leaving you in a tough spot if you aren’t prepared for a power outage ahead of time.

When it comes to preparation, having essential items that can help you get through a power outage no matter how long it lasts can make the difference between comfort, and suffering. Here are some items that we’d recommend you have ready in preparation for a power outage.

  • Basic first-aid kit
  • Battery operated fans
  • Car charger for phones
  • Have cash on hand
  • Flashlights for each family member
  • Garbage bags for sanitation
  • Battery operated radio
  • Hand sanitizer & baby wipes
  • Tool kit
  • Whistle to signal for help

Long Term Power Outage

One of the worst power outages that you can experience is a long-term power outage. These can last anywhere from days, to even weeks. So having the proper preparations during a long-term power outage can potentially save you and your family’s lives. Having essential items such as a stockpile of water, non-perishable foods, and warm clothing and materials can help you sustain through a long-term power outage until help arrives.

These essential items can help sustain you and your family long enough to outlast the power outage. As uncomfortable and inconvenient as it may be, when it comes to long-term power outages survival is key and should be your priority.

Short Term Power Outage

Short-term power outages can last anywhere from a few hours up to a day. These types of power outages are more inconvenient than anything, and won’t require the in-depth preparation that a long-term power outage does. However, it’s still important to have the key items and essentials such as food, water, and medications on hand just in case the short-term turns into the long-term. 

What To Do if Your Power Goes Out in The Winter

If you experience a power outage during the bitter winter months, it can sometimes be scary, with the creeping cold slowly dropping the temperature within your home. To prepare for a power outage in winter, you must have sufficient supplies and warmth to outlast the outage.

Winter can be brutal cold, and without your heater running, your indoor temperature will begin to slowly drop. When this happens you can hand things such as blankets or towels over windows to help insulate, and maintain the heat within your home. On top of this, you should refrain from opening doors and windows, since that lets the heat inside escape.

What To Do if Your Power Goes Out in The Summer

When you prepare for a power outage in the summer, you can experience the opposite issue that you would have in the winter. Instead of the creeping cold, you’ll deal with the sometimes humid heat raising your home’s indoor temperature.

When this happens, having plenty of water stockpiled can be crucial to avoid dehydration and keep healthy. You can also close things such as shades, curtains, and other sun-blocking items so that the heat of the summer is slowed down when it comes to heating your house.

How Do You Prepare For A Power Outage 

Whether it’s a long-term, short-term, winter, or summer power outage, being properly prepared is crucial. Having the ability to outlast the power outage with proper preparation helps make it less stressful and easier to get through.

Power outages can happen at any time, anywhere, and when they do, you can take them on with confidence when you know how to prepare for a power outage correctly. Aardvark Electric understands that your electrical power is important for your safety and comfort. However, power outages in Atlanta, GA are unpredictable and can happen without warning, so we want to help you prepare for when they do so that you and your family can remain as safe and comfortable as possible.

So remember that with proper preparation, you can help keep you and your family comfortable, safe, and able to weather any type of power outage that occurs. Remembering the following is crucial when you prepare for a power outage in Atlanta, GA.

  • Have an emergency kit ready with all of the items you need
  • Stock up on water and non-perishable foods
  • Be prepared for colder temperatures
  • Stay positive!

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