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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

May 17, 2022

Homeowners in Atlanta, GA, are always looking for ways to save a little money wherever they can. If you’re in the same boat, we’ve compiled some tried and true ways to save money on your electric bill. You can even start using some of these ideas right now!

1. Budget Your Electricity to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

It seems evident that budgeting could help save money on your electric bill, but have you considered budgeting your actual electricity? The best way to get started with this process is through an electricity audit. 

Electric companies will often provide this service free of charge, and it allows you to get a better idea of where improvements to energy efficiency can be made in your home.

What does the audit look like? You’ll speak with your technician about the problems and concerns you’re running into. They can then use that information to run a set of diagnostic tests and give your home a quick inspection. When they have finished, they’ll offer custom solutions to help you save on energy expenses.

Thanks to this audit, you can acknowledge where there are flaws in your energy consumption. For example, if you’re leaving lights on constantly, the cost can add up over time. You can also use this information as an opportunity to change your lightbulbs to energy-saving bulbs, such as an Energy Star-certified CFL bulb. 

2. Investigate Areas of Your Home that Sap Energy

If you’re planning to call an electric company in Atlanta, GA, to audit your electrical usage, they’ll likely do this for you. But it’s still good to check for possible points in your home that could be causing energy leaks. 

One of the biggest and most frequent culprits is windows and doors that aren’t sealed properly. The air leaks let in all of the warm air from the outside, causing appliances like your HVAC to work harder to keep your home comfortable.

Speaking of your HVAC, when was the last time you checked your air filter? If it’s been over three months, it’s time to change it. Filter changing is an excellent way to save money on your electric bill, improve your home’s comfort and air quality, and keep up on your HVAC system’s maintenance.

3. Small Changes Lead to Big Savings

It might sound trivial, but there are likely a lot of lifestyle changes you could start making today that will help you save money on your electric bill. 

If you notice you have a habit of leaving doors or windows open, even for a short period, this can put added pressure on your HVAC to keep the temperature steady in the home. This hack might bring up some childhood memories of being told repeatedly to keep the door closed, but there was a good reason: saving your family money!

Another quick adjustment you can make is with your refrigerator. You can set your refrigerator at around 35 to 38 degrees without worrying about food spoiling. This will allow your refrigerator to use less energy to keep things cold. Throughout the year, even a slight adjustment to this appliance can significantly impact savings.

And for another interesting way to save, it might be time to head to the grocery store. When your freezer is fully stocked, it insulates your appliance better than when it’s empty. The longer the freezer stays cold, the less energy it must expend to keep up. So now’s a great time to buy some of your favorite freezer items in bulk!

4. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Dialing back your thermostat by just seven degrees for eight hours a day can net you a 10% savings on your electric bill every year. You could always do this by setting the thermostat every morning and evening. Or you could skip trying to master this new habit by investing in a programmable thermostat.

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular because of their money-saving advantages. Some even offer a perk called geofencing, which uses your smartphone to change the temperature to a comfortable setting whenever you’re inside your home and back to an energy-efficient temperature when you’re out. 

Though the upfront cost of smart thermostats could raise an eyebrow, they’re guaranteed to help save money on your electric bill over time.

5. Work with Your Electric Company

Many electric companies offer homeowners special savings, incentives, and rebates. Find out whether yours gives discounts for going paperless or making any energy-saving home improvements. You can sign up for any email lists or newsletters as well, as they’ll usually include even more specific ways to save money on your electric bill.

Aardvark Electric Can Help Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Are you searching for ways to have a more comfortable, energy-efficient home? Whenever you need electrical upgrades or electrical work done, you can count on the expert electricians at Aardvark Electric to take care of it for you. 

Our affordable rates will ensure that you won’t be sapping away all of those savings into any of our services. If you’d like to hear about getting a smart thermostat installed, or if you’d like to learn more about our extensive electrical inspections, call our team today to get started!

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